Captain of the Ship

I will lead the way!

I will lead the way!


Gippees of the Internet

The Internet is wild and out of control when it comes to social development. I don’t know how many lives are being destroyed by people who use the Internet as their means of socializing with another human being.

Gippee means, Group Internet People Psychology etc.etc. The Gippees of the Internet are of all ages and colors. Their religious beliefs are from A to Z.

There have been and are several good articles written on the Internet about the different types of people that you come in contact with at different web sites especially social networking. We are not going to explore them now because that is another subject and we have to stay on topic, which is Gippees – the sum of them are being motivated by group psychology.

Over a year ago I created a group called “Good Trolls” of the Internet. I also created “Grouppees”, an environmental group that gets peoples attention using another great photographers photo to get peoples interest concerning our Earth’s environment.We will change the way you think!

To be continued. . . . . .

Global War One . . . Good Old Dog Report

Whether you like it or not the Nations of the world are involved in a Global War One that will last for fifty years. So, the advice of the day is to prepare for a long religious,political conflict that will effect all people on Earth Globe.

This war was started by the neo-libracons because of their beliefs to destroy humans who disagree with politics and religion – may their God help them.

There is nothing anyone can do to stop this conflict because the seeds have been planted into the brains of millions of people. This destructive social movement is more than just a political war, it is a social disease that has to come to a head for the cancer to stop spreading.

So, that is the bad news;now we can explore the good news. The good news is that we can stop this Global War if we all unite into a new religious/political entity. We here in the United States have to elect leaders that will obey the U.S. Constitution by giving its people the ability to control their own destiny. We need to be free from religious, political bias minds of all generations. Some how we have to get a hold of the wheel and turn our ship into a new direction. We have to steer into the political wind instead of letting the political wind push us into this Global War.

For years now, Rayganye has been writing about this “Global War One” and very few people have been paying attention but there are a few individuals who steal other peoples concepts and they are starting to write about this fifty year war that is in its first phase. By all means please steal the concept of Global War and follow the leader as this story starts to become an every day reality.

We really don’t want to waste our time by writing long winded articles about “Global War One”, what we have to do is start taking real action to combat the enemy force that is propelling us into this no win situation. It is time for us to put up our sails and face the wind and take corrective maneuvers to get our agenda out into the battle field. Don’t be afraid because we have the truth on our side and in the end the truth always wins.

The first plan of action is we have to get people to recognize the fact that “Global War One” has started and that we need to stop it before the conflict turns into another “Atomic Bomb Thing”. I am hoping that the Japanese will step up to the plate and play ball with us. They should be among the leaders in this anti-global war thing.

By all means please pass this message on and remember that it was Rayganye that started this “Global War One” story. “Thee who steals, steals from thyself – Montaneer.

This is only the beginning of a long drawn out process in the history of mankind that will take a few decades to come to a conclusion. All we have to do is seek the truth and its spirit of justice will guide us into the realm of correct action. A new “Wave” of political action is forming and I want all people of good faith to join me in this battle to concord political and religious ignorance.

Good Troll of the Internet, Raymonty/Old Dog

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